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luckyembroidery is one of the top vector art company in the UK serving the industry for more than a decade.
Vector art is an increasingly popular form of digital illustration. A technique rather than a style, vector art is based on geometric shapes and created using vector image software such as Corel Draw, we can Supply you all required files for printing machine

Vector Art Services in UKService

threadline is one of the top vector art service in the UK serving the industry for more than a decade.


We produce quick vector art in our standard 8 hours turnaround time. Our competent team of professionals performs this wonder with the help of latest software and hardware with utmost dedication and skill.

The artistic and customized vector conversion services are ideal for individual requirement, promotional and marketing articles, Screen Printing, Digital printing and stationary items, Like Pen, Helmet, Cup also Garments like Hi Viz . We just need image no matter how filthy is it we will put glow in the design like new Formats we can supply you is CDR, EPS,PNG,JPG,SVG,AI,PDF and any format available in Corel

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Vector Art Services in UK

We are the top vector art service in the UK serving the industry for more than a decade.


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What Is Vector Art?

Any image created with meticulous attention to detailing is called a vector image. The quality of these images which makes them exceptional is the ability of resizing them as much as we want without any damage to the resolution or quality and that is the main reason it is mostly preferred in commercial printing. Moreover vector images are conveniently customizable and makes it easier to add or subtract any sort of detail in the image due to which the output turns out exactly like you want it to be.

Vector Digitising Is One Of Our Expertise ?

If you want a vector converter, MastersDigitizing is the perfect solution. Our vector conversion service is quite simple to avail.

  • Provide us with your artwork or the scan copy of the image which you need from JPG to Vector.
  • Our professional digitizers will analyse the image and further discuss the procedure with you.
  • After all the discussion we will get to work for the best results.

Our vector conversion service is processed by hand (Tablet) and it is not an automated process because we want to ensure high quality work at all times.

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